6 Dec 2009

carols by candles light!

All excited to go to her first Carols by candlelight  was my Amelie.

A little background first. Amelie said her first words at 5 months. Put 2 words together at 6 months. Now at 22 months she can hold a conversation with me. I've been told that thats not possible at her age but she speaks as a 4 year old does. Many an argument I have lost.

To the carols we went, a balmy night at the local school. We arrived a little late but found a spot where we could lay our blanket to watch and listen. The problem was, it was literally by candlelight as they had had a power failure. We could just make out the murmurs of a song as the mikes don't work without electricity.

We sat and watched for a while when Amelie noticed all the people were holding candles. She wanted one and stood up, walked over to some teenagers who were huddled around playing, I don't know what! and asked for one. To my surprise they obliged.

My Angel turns.
"It's hot! It's HOT HELP!!! Help me!" I shot up and ran to her to see a glow under her shirt.

"What happened? Who put it there?" I yelled. Silence from the crowd of onlookers. Frantic, I pulled her top off and grabbed the candle.

My thespian smiles. I have in my hands a plastic, battery operated, very cold candle.
I should in future make a distinction between what's real and what's fake to her.

And more importantly, pay more attention to my surroundings so embarrassment is out of the equation. Let's see. >


SJ said...

That's such a sweet story but also I can imagine the panic of that moment, as it went through my mind too.

alejandro guzman said...

Hello SJ It was a shock but then really funny too.
I think I might skip carols this year or just give her a torch.

Cheers love ya

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